Field specific irrigation schedules.

Precision schedules straight to your phone.

Must be downloaded using a mobile device.



Farm Water advisor now also available for your Computer

Contact us for our desktop friendly web enterprise solution for managing many farms, ranches and fields.

Know your field.

We use a range of data including field-specific weather, soil and irrigation system information to recommend the best schedule for maximum yield.

Have the best schedule.

Farm Water Advisor advises you when, where and how much to irrigate for the coming seven days. We’ll guide you when there are important events to complete.

Track and review results.

Review the previous seven days to fine-tune crop performance. Learn and improve your irrigation schedule to precisely manage crop stress.


Powered by

Real time analytics created by a team with over 40 years of agronomic knowledge.

Hyperlocal weather data.

Hyperlocal weather forecasts are used for irrigation planning in seven-day blocks, taking into account evapotranspiration.

Field-specific soil data.

Take advantage of field-specific tracking using satellite images and soil data.

Easy to implement irrigation models.

Get precise and actionable recommendations adjusted daily for your field. Leverage our team's years of agronomic knowledge.

Customer Testimonials

Farmers say...

"I see the value every day on the field."

"Very easy to use. I just have to open the app and it has everything I need to make my irrigation decisions."

"I love that all the information is specific to my fields."


Almond Irrigation

Download our free e-book about almond irrigation and nutrition.

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