Our Team

We believe that in order to support the growing agricultural needs of the planet, farmers need the right tools. While working on farms for the past 10 years, our team saw that farmers needed an in-depth understanding of crop water stress to increase yields sustainably. We realized that methods like pressure bombing were too time consuming and laborious for farmers today and in the future.

The Farm Water Advisor team builds powerful, easy-to-use digital tools that make precision crop water stress management accessible to every farmer.

Simon Rueger

Simon Rueger

Fearless Leader

Simon has dedicated his academic and professional life to re-imagining the Scholander pressure bomb. His passion grew from frustration spending countless hours in the field taking measurements. So he began developing an easy-to-use digital solution. His work has since resulted in the publication of 19 peer-reviewed scientific papers and work with farmers around the world. In his free time you can find him working on his family's orchard.

Simon Rueger

Scott Warr

Client Success

Having grown up on a cattle farm in Wyoming, Scott was destined to agriculture. He has built a career helping growers around the United States digitize and automate work to make their lives easier (especially around irrigation). As part of the founding team, he is always looking for ways to improve the app to make sure it helps the community do better. When not in the field, you can find Scott trail running around Sacramento.

Simon Rueger

Claudia Stoetzel

Number Cruncher

Claudia is passionate about using data science to improve the management of water in agriculture. She studied mathematics and did her PhD on an interdisciplinary project between biology and data science. Working as a data scientist and modeller, Claudia got involved in numerous projects dealing with remote sensing, precision farming and image analysis based on machine learning and software development. Together with our agronomists Claudia provides the algorithms for irrigation scheduling.

Simon Rueger

Marta Castiella

Agronomy Expert

Marta is personally driven to optimize the use of water across farming. She grew up in Spain, a country facing regular water deficit of crops. This raised her interest for agriculture which drove Marta to become an agronomic engineer with a focus on irrigation management. Marta has published several scientific papers, worked together with farmers around the world and is now focusing on crop nutrition and crop water demand calculation.